What has COVID-19 meant for TAX DEED AND TAX LIEN auctions?

The first big change in this world of auctions was: All auctions were held online as a result of the pandemic. So even if it’s very small, I’d like to think that there’s some good in our experiences over the past year. I think counties would benefit from updating their sales tax procedures.

By putting auctions online, it is hoped that other desperately needed developments, such as tax history and registered document searches, which are crucial to establishing whether an investment is sound, will also be stimulated. This is good news for those who already had trouble traveling to tax auctions before the pandemic. However, I understand that this was also a loss for individuals who enjoy the social aspect of a live auction.

Like it or not, due to the pandemic, we had a certain freedom in terms of practicality… You could and still can participate in an auction even though you are miles away from the property location.

But, do you know how this is done? What platform or website is used?

Developing or purchasing an online auction system or even managing and upgrading these auction systems is not a real option for many counties. This is a fact!

It is more practical to select and hire companies that have this know-how and have the ability to provide the structure and security that both counties and investors need. And that’s what most people do!

See the main companies contracted by most counties to provide this type of service:

  • The idea of creating a website for online auctions came when the owners of this company went to participate in an auction in Baltimore. It was winter and there were almost a hundred investors in that snow with their cashier’s checks in hand. That’s when they thought of the internet as a way out of this situation. A week later, the company was founded…
  • They provide marketing services to many states, municipalities and also to a number of non-governmental entities.
  • This company also works with government and non-governmental entities.
  • government agencies and works in the same way as the companies mentioned above.
  • The company specializes in selling properties onsite and over the internet, serving multiple counties in Florida, Iowa, Louisiana and Indiana. This company is responsible for auctions and 80% of sales tax in the State of Indiana.

Another question that came to the fore during this period was: Regardless of where you are going to invest and how you are investing, it is essential to enjoy the process. Or rather, it is essential to LOVE the process.

Not every process is pleasant, however, you will feel happier and more motivated to do what you like. Sometimes you don’t have a good day to do the research and it’s okay… you’re human… at the time of the pandemic, nobody was fine..

However, practice it, enjoy it, because from the moment you do something that gives you pleasure, your performance and satisfaction with yourself becomes better. Money will only be a consequence and you will do this process with mastery.