Unlock the Wealth: Texas Tax Deed Auctions

Sales Type: Redeemable Deeds
Frequency: Monthly 
Interest Rate: None
Penalty: 25%
Redemption Period:  6mo or 2yr Homestead
Bid Method: Premium Bid 

Hey there, savvy investors! Marcos Jacober here, and today we’re diving deep into the Lone Star State’s treasure trove of opportunities – Texas Tax Deed Auctions: The Most Lucrative Tax Sale State.

🤠 Favorable Texas Laws: Where Profits Soar!

Texas, the land of big opportunities and even bigger profits. Let’s break down why the Texas tax sale market is your golden ticket to wealth.

I. Texas-sized Profits with Redemption Rates of 25% to 50%!
In the Lone Star State, if a delinquent taxpayer wants their property back post-purchase, they’re handing you a sweet 25% for first-year redemptions and a whopping 50% for the patient investors dealing with a 2-year redemption period. That’s not a return; it’s a financial fireworks display!

II. Redemption Amount Calculated on Auction Price – A Texan Twist!
Picture this: Stacy snags a property for $15,000 at a Harris County tax sale. Elle wants it back. She’s gotta hand over a 25% penalty based on the $15,000, not the original $5,000 bid. Stacy’s not just winning the property; she’s dancing to the cash register with a bag full of interest on the competitive overbidding.

III. Extra Fees? Texas Says, “Here’s More Profit!”
Texas adds a cherry on top. Investors pocket the penalty return on the deed recording fee, property maintenance costs, and later property taxes paid. It’s a return fiesta with minimal downside. Impressive? Absolutely.

IV. Full Interest Penalty Return System – Texas’ Ace Card!
Unlike other tax lien states, Texas demands a full interest penalty return based on the final auction price. A quick redemption equals a full 25% return. Your $100,000 investment? Now a juicy $125,000 for reinvestment. Talk about staggering results, especially when paired with a tax-deferred, tax-free IRA!

V. Texas Has Monthly Sales – No Waiting Around!
Unlike the yearly frenzy in most states, Texas gives you monthly shots at the jackpot. First Tuesday of the month – mark it on your calendar. Opportunities galore!

VI. 254 Counties, Countless Opportunities!
With 254 counties, not every one has monthly sales. Smaller counties mean less competition, and strike-off properties – unsold gems waiting for the savvy investor.

VII. Strike Off Properties – Your Second Chance!
Missed out on the auction? No worries. Texas law allows counties to sell strike-off properties later. No redemption period? That’s a green light for investors eyeing full property titles.

VIII. Texas Tax Deed – The Super Priority Lien!
The Texan tax deed takes the crown as a super priority lien, usually trumping other claims. Do your research to secure your claim to a property free and clear.

IX. Collect Rent Immediately – It’s the Texan Way!
In Texas, winners at tax sales can pocket rental income right away. Cash flow opportunities knocking at your door!

🤠 Research, Research, Research – The Texan Investor’s Mantra!

But hold your horses, partners! Don’t let the excitement blind you. I emphasize the importance of thorough research:

Surviving Liens – Know What Sticks!
Identify which liens survive foreclosure. Federal tax liens? They pay you back if they’re holding a lien on a Texas tax sale property.

Property Previews are a Must!
Get your boots on the ground. Texas gives you a high chance of owning the property outright, so check it out before the auction.

Hidden Fees – Don’t Get Caught!
Ensure you’re not blindsided by fees left out of the foreclosure purchase price. Missing taxing entities could mean extra expenses.

Incognito Investing – Why Risk It?
Don’t roll the dice with deals in your name. Shield yourself from potential liabilities and keep your investments incognito.

Immediate Action Post-Purchase – Secure the Bag!
Texas gives you full possession immediately after the tax sale. Locks on doors, insurance, and tenant management – be on top of your game.

Texas is a land of promise, but tread wisely, my friends. Master the procedures, stay consistent, and let Texas be the stage for your financial triumph. 🤘

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