Unlocking Fortunes: Eduardo and Juliana Gracia’s Remarkable Journey in Tax Deed Hunting

This is the story of Eduardo and Juliana Gracia, a couple who ventured into the world of deed hunting with the guidance of Marcos Jacober.

They met in 1996 and got married in 2014. Initially, they worked together on a family-owned rural property, farming soybeans and corn.

In 2014, they sold their agricultural property to a German investor living in Brazil and decided to move to the United States for a better education for their two daughters. They explored various immigration options and initially invested in an EB5 program, hoping to get Green Cards in exchange for their investment. However, they were scammed, and the money was lost.

As their journey progressed, they became interested in the real estate market, and with Marcos Jacober’s guidance, they learned about Tax Deed properties. They successfully ventured into flipping properties and established a successful Airbnb in Memphis.

With the mentorship and experiences gained through the Deed Hunter program, they transformed their mindset, embraced challenges, and ventured into partnerships and investments in different states.

They learned to rewrite their own stories, believe in their dreams, and conquer their limitations. The financial success they achieved was secondary to the transformation and growth they experienced on a personal and professional level.

During their journey with the Deed Hunter program (https://thedeedhunterworld.com/), Eduardo and Juliana Gracia ventured into Pennsylvania to participate in a real estate auction. The group they were a part of decided to make a joint purchase, acquiring a larger volume of lots together instead of competing against each other.

Eduardo and Juliana, along with other partners, purchased thirty lots in a promising condominium area. However, their plan wasn’t just to compete; they had a bigger vision in mind. They analyzed the properties, set a plan, and began the process of selling the lots.

Within a few months, they successfully sold around ten lots. As the winter season arrived, they had sold sixteen lots, which was more than half of the total purchased. This collaborative approach and innovative strategy allowed them to achieve better results than they initially anticipated.

The experience in Pennsylvania was an eye-opener for Eduardo and Juliana. It taught them the power of teamwork, the value of innovative thinking, and the rewards of stepping out of their comfort zones. This successful endeavor further fueled their determination to take on new challenges and positions of leadership in their real estate ventures.

The journey in Pennsylvania marked a significant turning point in their path as deed hunters, demonstrating the power of collective efforts and the potential for growth through a supportive community.