Hunter’s Bark-Bark

I spend lotsa time with Marcos during sun-up to sun-down, mostly giving him “the eyes” for more belly rubs or doing the dance for him to throw my favorite squeaky. When not doing that, I’m studying the wall – it’s full of fascinating smells – or doing some loud dream-chasing.

Time spent with him is like getting an extra treat for me, you know, we’ve got this pack bond. We both find it a bit ruff to keep our noses to the ground, but when I do, I always hear him yapping about something called “knowledge,” “due diligence,” and “potential profitability of tax deed investing.” Sounds chewy.

He puts a lot of emphasis on something called “seizing opportunities” and making what he calls “informed decisions.” This really wags my tail, not only as a Hunter myself – I mean, who else found the chicken’s hidden egg stash under the big water bowl (pool)? – but also as a good boy. That’s why when he’s away, I make the big leap onto his chair, shut down the glowy boxes where he looks at things called “properties,” and do some serious sniffing around on “how to run faster than a chicken.” There are only 3 of those feathered friends around here, but they always leave me chomping at the air.

So, my tail-wagging message for this dog week is: Chase your opportunities and sniff out everything about them. Woof!