From Multinational Executive to Tax Deeds: Jose Ilton Pereira’s Remarkable Journey

Jose Ilton Pereira, a Brazilian expat in the U.S. for six years, boasts a diverse background in law, agricultural engineering, and business. His career trajectory includes executive roles in multinational companies and business ventures in Brazil’s wood export market.

Initially intrigued by U.S. bank auctions, Pereira found them unfulfilling.

His search led him to county and state auctions for tax-defaulted propertiesreal estate that has been repossessed by local governments due to unpaid property taxes. Realizing he lacked the know-how, he enrolled in Marcos Jacober’s Masterclass and “Challengecourse, specializing in “Tax Liens and Tax Deeds.”

The class introduced Pereira to the “Deed Hunter” method—a comprehensive approach for safely investing in these tax-defaulted properties. This was the game-changer. Later, attending the June 2021 Game event solidified his resolve to make Tax Deeds his core business in the United States. Shortly after, he sent over 300 purchase proposals in Mississippi, marking the start of his U.S. investment journey. He also expanded his network at an event in Maryland where he met his future investing partner, Marcos Pazini.

Realizing the need for operational support, Pereira hired a Brazil-based virtual assistant, specializing in property research. This led him to the Inner Circle—a mentoring group led by Jacober. Capitalizing on relationships formed during these programs, he co-founded Alphaville Investments LLC.

By the end of 2021, Alphaville Investments bought five multi-unit buildings in Arkansas for a steal, later refurbishing them for a significantly higher valuation. The goal for 2022? A revenue target of $1 million.

Pereira’s venture not only promises lucrative returns but also contributes to local communities. By purchasing these tax-defaulted properties, he indirectly aids counties in generating the revenue needed for public services like healthcare and education. With the 7-steps process taught by Deed Hunter, Pereira successfully mitigates 98% of the associated investment risks. His story is a testament to how education, networking, and timely decisions can build a profitable venture from the ground up.

The things people say!

In this segment, let’s talk about some common misconceptions of this business:

“I need to be there in Person”

The beauty of this investment strategy is its adaptability to the digital age. Not only can you obtain all the data you need online, but auctions are also increasingly going digital. It’s not just possible but entirely feasible to run this business remotely, even from your smartphone.

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