From Immigrant to Deed Hunter: How Almerindo de Palma Built a Prosperous Life in the U.S.

My name is Almerindo de Palma, known as “Al” or “dePalma” in the DeerHunter community. I’m 44, married, with two children, who inspire me daily. Despite my wife’s initial resistance due to language barriers and family ties, we relocated to the U.S. after I found a pharmaceutical company offering work visas and Green Cards. In December 2014, my wife and son joined me.

To secure my family’s future, I juggled two jobs—Uber driver and managing my Real Estate and logistics businesses. During the pandemic, I worked at an Amazon warehouse for about three months before returning to Uber. Meanwhile, my wife ran an e-commerce business for medical clothes imported from Brazil.

During this period, I encountered Tax Deed through client inquiries. Initially skeptical, I took a course by Marcos Jacober to dispel its feasibility. Surprisingly, I bought my first property for over $300 and sold it days later for $1500. The success made me delve deeper into studying and bidding on Tax Deeds. It didn’t remain a supplementary income source but transformed into a life-changing endeavor. I began participating in Deed Hunter community support and became one of the program’s certified trainers.

Today, I proudly identify as a Deed Hunter, part of a group of immigrants who found a way to build wealth in the U.S. through Marcos Jacober, our mentor. The Tax Deed strategy provides a rapidly increasing income stream, significantly improving our quality of life, and offering the same possibilities to friends. I fondly recall buying a property for $600 and selling it for $8,000 the same day. Returns of 50%, 70%, and even 100% over a few months are common, though it requires dedication. Now, thanks to Deed Hunter World, my family enjoys a far superior lifestyle than in Brazil, and I can help others realize their dreams. This is what it means to be a Deed Hunter.