Featured Guest on The Unshackled Owner (USO) Show with Aaron Scott Young

In this episode of the USO Alumni Series, the Aaron Scott Young introduces Marcos Jacober as a guest who exemplifies the pursuit of the American Dream. Marcos, originally from Brazil, shares his inspiring journey of coming to the United States in search of better opportunities. Growing up in poverty, Marcos describes the challenges faced by many people in Brazil and his desire to escape that struggle.

With just $100 in his pocket, Marcos arrived in the United States and started taking up various odd jobs to make ends meet. His initial goal was to earn $800 a week, considering it as a marker of success. Through hard work and determination, Marcos quickly learned the value of knowledge and sought opportunities to acquire new skills. He started working at a high-end venue, observing and learning about cooking, with the aim of improving his job prospects.

Taking a bold step, Marcos approached the owner of a small Italian restaurant and offered to work for free in exchange for cooking lessons. Recognizing Marcos’s hunger and drive, the owner surprised him by offering a partnership instead. With $15,000 in savings, Marcos became a partner in the restaurant, initially owning 10%. However, he continued living modestly and reinvested his profits back into the business, gradually increasing his ownership stake to 65%.

Marcos’s story highlights the power of thinking outside the box and the importance of delayed gratification. By focusing on acquiring skills, living frugally, and reinvesting his earnings, Marcos was able to build his ownership in the restaurant and achieve financial success. The conversation also touches on the idea that having some financial resources opens doors to new opportunities and attracts people with their ideas.

Aaron Scott Young emphasizes the significance of saying no to distractions and remaining focused on the main goals. He mentions how having money, even if not excessive wealth, puts individuals in a better position to explore opportunities that come their way. Marcos further shares a transition point in his journey when he decided to leave the restaurant business and start driving a truck.

Marcos’s story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the possibilities that arise when one is willing to work hard, think creatively, and make calculated choices. Through determination and strategic decision-making, he exemplifies how the pursuit of the American Dream can lead to significant personal and financial growth.

After leaving the restaurant business, Marcos started working as a driver for FedEx, believing that his real estate career was over due to his lack of credit and money. However, he stumbled upon a book about tax liens and tax deeds, which sparked his interest in real estate investing. Intrigued by the idea of purchasing properties through tax auctions, he delved into learning about the process.

With newfound knowledge, Marcos began investing in tax liens and tax deeds, buying properties at incredibly low prices. He experienced remarkable success, including purchasing a property worth $1.7 million for just over $6,000. Encouraged by his own achievements, Marcos felt compelled to share his knowledge with others and began teaching people how to take advantage of tax liens and tax deeds.

Initially, Marcos didn’t envision himself as a speaker, trainer, mentor, or author. However, after helping a woman at an auction by advising her not to buy a property with issues, he explained his methodology to her. Intrigued by his insights, she asked him to teach her the process. This led Marcos to start teaching a small group of friends on a Saturday afternoon, using only a whiteboard as his teaching tool.

As he witnessed the transformation in his students’ lives and the positive impact his teachings had, Marcos realized his mission was to educate and empower others to live the American Dream. He recognized that many individuals, both immigrants and Americans alike, often work in jobs solely for the purpose of making money rather than pursuing their true passions. Marcos’s goal became to travel across the United States, teaching people how to achieve financial success through real estate investing.

During a challenging period, Marcos faced the possibility of shutting down his teaching venture due to financial difficulties and a lack of business knowledge. However, he enrolled in the Unshackled Owner class, which provided him with the necessary structure and guidance to run his business effectively. The class helped him understand the importance of combining his mission with a sound business strategy and incorporating systems to support his vision.

By embracing the principles taught in the Unshackled Owner class and not giving up on his mission, Marcos experienced a remarkable turnaround. He organized his business, focused on building a solid company, and implemented the lessons learned. As a result, his teaching venture thrived, and he witnessed the power of manifestation and perseverance.

The conversation highlights the significance of understanding business principles and building a scalable business model. It emphasizes that personal capacity alone is limited, and true success comes from building a company that can operate beyond an individual’s own capabilities. The story of Marcos Jacober serves as a testament to the transformative power of knowledge, resilience, and finding one’s purpose in pursuing the American Dream.

About Marcos

Marcos Jacober, originally from Brazil, embarked on a remarkable journey when he moved to the United States in 1998 with just $100 in his pocket. He faced various challenges and worked in different industries, including construction, dishwashing, truck driving, and even owning a restaurant. However, his journey in real estate investing began in 2000.

After acquiring 17 properties, Marcos experienced significant losses during the real estate crisis of 2008, leaving him with just one property. In search of new opportunities, he relocated to Texas and discovered the potential of Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. Marcos delved into this field and quickly became an authority in real estate, accumulating an impressive portfolio of over 800 transactions.

What sets Marcos apart is his ability to acquire properties at astonishingly low prices. He purchased properties for as little as $30 and, in one particularly notable case, acquired a property now valued at $1.7 million for only $6,342.79. These successes in real estate investing propelled him to become a recognized figure in the industry.

Additionally, Marcos has achieved tremendous success as an Airbnb host. By developing techniques and strategies, he has managed to put his Airbnb business on autopilot, streamlining operations and maximizing profitability.

Known for his ability to turn every venture into gold, Marcos Jacober has become a life hacker, constantly seeking new opportunities and leveraging his skills and knowledge. He is about to embark on a cross-country tour in his RV, stopping in every state to share his expertise and strategies with others.

Overall, Marcos’s journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and the ability to seize opportunities in the face of challenges. His success in real estate and as an Airbnb host showcases his ingenuity and resourcefulness, making him an inspiring figure in the world of entrepreneurship and investment.

About Aaron Scott Young

Aaron Young is a seasoned entrepreneur and trusted advisor to CEOs and business owners. He is best known as the creator of The Unshackled Owner, a program designed to help entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses rather than just creating glorified jobs for themselves.

As the Chairman and CEO of Laughlin Associates, a company with a 44-year history, Aaron has guided over 100,000 entrepreneurs in starting, growing, and profiting from their businesses. This extensive experience has given him a unique perspective to observe both common mistakes and successful strategies across various industries, ranging from small local businesses to America’s largest yacht broker, medical professionals, manufacturers, and investors.

What sets Aaron apart is his comprehensive background in founding, acquiring, and directing multimillion-dollar businesses. Additionally, he has served as an officer for a publicly traded multinational corporation. This real-world experience positions him as an authoritative figure with practical knowledge and insights.

Throughout his career, Aaron has dedicated himself to equipping business owners with success formulas that deliver immediate and exponential growth while ensuring protection for their businesses. He strives to empower entrepreneurs with the tools and strategies necessary to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable success in their ventures.

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