Featured Guest on the Spilling The Beans Show with Tim Bratz

In this exclusive interview, Tim Bratz sits down with Marcos Jacober, expert in tax liens, tax deeds, and the art of acquiring properties for mere pennies on the dollar. Currently in town, Marcos shares his wealth of knowledge through a Masterclass, delving into various topics including wealth building, real estate, entrepreneurship, mindset, health, and more.

Marcos, whose prowess in tax liens and deeds surpasses that of many attorneys. Marcus reveals that his journey into entrepreneurship began in 1998 when he arrived in the United States from Brazil with only $100 in his pocket. From working various jobs in construction, cleaning houses, and managing a restaurant, Marcos always had his sights set on real estate.

The Three Pillars of Wealth:
Marcos emphasizes the three pillars of wealth-building: owning your own business, understanding investments, and delving into real estate. He attributes his success to real estate, considering it the best strategy globally, responsible for creating the most millionaires while preserving wealth effectively.

Overcoming Challenges:
Marcos shares his personal journey of overcoming language barriers and cultural differences, stressing that the struggles immigrants face fuel their determination to succeed. He recalls his initial dream of making $800 a week, which seemed like an insurmountable goal at the time.

Final Thoughts:
As the conversation unfolds, Marcos and Tim delve deeper into the intricacies of Marcos’s entrepreneurial journey, shedding light on how he finds, underwrites, funds, and executes deals in the world of tax liens and deeds.

About Tim Bratz

Tim Bratz, Founder & CEO of Legacy Wealth Holdings, is a real estate investment expert focusing on vision, marketing, and team support. Tim’s professional journey centers on wealth-building and personal finance, leveraging real estate to create passive income for a lifestyle of choice. His mission is to educate and empower others, guiding them towards financial freedom through entrepreneurship and real estate investments.