Building a Legacy: Our Tax Deed Adventure in the Land of Opportunity

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I’m Louruama Rossetto, and I want to share my experience with Tax Deeds in the U.S. I moved from Brazil to California with my husband, Paulo, in 2002. We faced visa issues; I even lost my visa and had to spend nearly 3 years in Brazil trying to get it back.

We have three children and a grandchild. Initially, I worked in various jobs to pay off debts, from house cleaning to assisting at weddings. Paulo had a limousine business, providing some stability. In 2006, we finally got our U.S. residency but still faced financial challenges. I decided to buy a struggling restaurant, which I turned around and ran successfully for three years.

We met Marcos through Instagram, who introduced us to the world of Tax Deeds. He taught us how to systematize our restaurant business while also investing in Tax Deeds. We now own 20 properties and are part of Marcos Jacober’s Syndicate team. Our focus in 2023 is to specialize in real estate sales. Our growth has been exponential since meeting Marcos, more so than all the previous years combined. We’re grateful to Marcos for his invaluable guidance.